Adult Gift Vouchers (Ages 14+)

Gift Vouchers For Adults > Ages 14+

Adrenaline Packed Gift Experiences!

For more information on any of our vouchers please call us on 01324 579797 or 0131 333 0195 !

NB. Drivers aged 14-16 have the option of racing as adult or junior drivers, allowing flexibility for family / mixed age groups.

Grand Prix

Race Experience

Ages 16+

Experience the thrill of racing other drivers in our adrenalin pumping Grand Prix Race Events!

Race in our EVO 5 Karts, in a series of heats before the top drivers race in a thrilling action packed final!

Adrenalin packed, fun and exciting race event for adults aged 16+



Karting Experience

Ages 14+

Providing the opportunity to experience the thrill of motorsport!

2 x 10 min practice sessions in our EVO 5 karts.

Xtreme Combat

Tactical Missions

Ages 14+

Available at our Edinburgh Laser Tag venue only.

Adrenaline packed combat missions using our state of the art lazer tag weapons, no pain – just fun!



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them choose!

Monetary vouchers also available! From £10.00

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