Junior Membership (Ages 8-13)

After completing our Race School Juniors are eligible to become members at Xtreme Karting!

Junior Memberships allows junior drivers to come along and practice those racing skills at both of our 5 star karting centres in Edinburgh (Central Scotland’s largest indoor karting track) and Falkirk (Scotland’s First 5 star karting centre)!

Junior drivers who become members are also allowed to race in Senior Practice Sessions at discounted prices at either centre (at Xtreme Karting discretion), as well as a host of other benefits below!

Junior Membership Benefits at Xtreme Karting Falkirk / Edinburgh – Valid at both Edinburgh and Falkirk!

  • 20% off Practice Sessions (Junior or Senior Session prices) – Save £’s every visit!
  • Eligible to race in Senior Practice Sessions and with older drivers (at Xtreme Karting discretion)
  • Loyalty Points – gain extra points towards free sessions!
  • Faster access to the track – view briefing video every 3 months!
  • “Hot Laps” bonus points awarded for fastest lap at each centre
  • Access to exclusive member events at both centres!
  • Access to Junior Grand Prix Events
  • Free Junior Party Trophy Upgrade – Trophies to top 3 drivers instead of medals worth £17.00
  • 50% off Xtreme Combat Open Sessions!

Membership Cost: Junior Membership (Annual – 12 months) only £29.50

Renew within a month of Membership expiring and your renewal only costs

Junior Membership Renewal (Annual – 12 months) only £19.50

Xtreme Karting reserves the right to cancel any membership at any time if the conduct of the member or parent/guardian is deemed inappropriate. Examples of conduct considered inappropriate include threatening / verbal abuse towards staff or other customers, swearing within the centres, continued bad driving standards etc

The small print! For those interested – unless otherwise stated benefit applies to member only!!

  • Junior membership only available to drivers aged 8-13 who have completed the junior race school training
  • 20% off Practice Sessions – hopefully simple enough!
  • Loyalty Points – every senior practice session gets you an extra 10 points eg 2 x 10 mins = extra 20points, once you have 100 points claim a free 10 minute session!
  • Faster access to the track – No need to view the safety briefing every visit, just every 3 months!
  • “Hot Laps” – Fastest lap of the month by a member gets 100 points!
  • Book a Junior Party and get a free Trophy Upgrade!
  • Xtreme Combat discount applicable to member and 1 friend only, subject to availability.