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Special Forces Combat Laser Tag Experience (Edinburgh Ages 6+) TWO PLAYERS

Xtreme Combat Special Forces Experience for two players – From age 8


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Experience the thrill of Xtreme Combat FOR TWO PLAYERS  in our Special Forces Combat sessions, available at our at our urban combat arena at Newbridge, Edinburgh (ages 6+)!

Specially designed for mixed age groups (from age 6, Family groups / adults are welcome to join in), it’s addictive and great fun!!!!

Get your combat fatigues on, familiarise yourself with your MP5 weapon, listen to the mission briefing, discuss tactics with your team then GO, GO, GO!!!! Take aim through your red-dot sight, pull the trigger and take out your opponents at up to 450 rounds per minute!

Team tactics are critical, progress through the combat zone using urban barricades, provide covering fire for your team, act as a lone sniper, or take the glory on a suicidal run! What is your mission? Will your team win?

Special Forces Combat Experience include six separate 10 minute missions, featuring a fortnite theme including 50v50 and a Battle Royale finale!

Our weapons use infra red beams that are detected by sensors worn by players, suitable for all ages (minimum age 8), sexes and abilities! No more paintball bruises or expensive ammo refills!! All equipment is provided, but as it is outdoors please remember to dress appropriately!

Our Special Forces Combat Experience events are held most Saturdays and Sundays (depending on availability, please call for details of available missions!)


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Combat sessions must be pre-booked, please call to check availability of Special Forces missions (all dates subject to availability/min numbers).

Voucher valid for two players for a period of 6 months, at Xtreme Combat Newbridge Edinburgh.

Gift vouchers are non-refundable and cannot be changed for alternate vouchers.

Please check age categories/venue restrictions for the vouchers you are purchasing.

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