Edinburgh combat kids at xtreme karting


This is unlike anything you have experienced before, play in a series of missions, each purposely designed to ensure an adrenaline packed simulated combat experience!

Using State of the art MP5 weapons that fire harmless infra red beams, playing is safe, painless and with no extra ammunition required, its great value for money!

With a range of combat missions available:

Xtreme Combat is located beside Xtreme Karting in Newbridge, Edinburgh, and shares the same 5 star rated facilities!

Listen to the mission briefing, familiarise yourself with your MP5 weapon, discuss tactics with your team then GO, GO, GO!!!! Take aim through your red-dot sight, pull the trigger and take out your opponents at up to 450 rounds per minute!

Its painless, with the guns firing infra red beams detected by sensors you wear, and with no costly ammo refills you can really get into the missions without worrying about getting hurt or the cost!

Team tactics are critical, progress through the combat zone using urban barricades, provide covering fire for your team, act as a lone sniper, or take the glory on a suicidal run! What is your mission? Will your team win?

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