Booking an event just got easier at Xtreme Karting in Edinburgh / Falkirk

With 15 years of running events for large or small groups, teams, companies, or friends, we know how difficult it can be to organise a fun day or night out…. But we can help you with some of the most common difficulties!

Don’t forget, if you organise an event you could race for free, ask for details!

The million dollar question…. What activity will please everyone? 

Its hard, some people love go karting, but unfortunately some won’t (unbelievable we know…), or for good reasons can’t take part.

Rather than write off go karting as an option, don’t forget we can also offer alternative activities alongside karting events.

So whilst some are racing competitively in the karts, we can keep those that don’t want to race entertained by experiencing the challenge of our new Escape Rooms!

The Escape Rooms offer a unique challenge for groups of 2-6 people, with a range of options including a Harry Potter theme “The Philosopher Stone”, secret agent theme “Top Secret” or try to escape a Zombie apocalypse in “The Walking Death”. 60 minutes of challenging, exciting fun from as little as £15 pp.

Everyone arrives together, has a 5 star, fun, competitive and thrilling experience at Xtreme Karting or Game Over Escape Rooms, meets up after their activity, and then the “banter” starts for the rest of the day! Great fun and an event to remember!


It’s a nightmare… How do I get people to sign up and collect payments?

We can now offer a new online booking system specifically tailored for individual group events, allowing you to send a link round friends so they can simply view all the event details, format, location etc, and most importantly sign up using a simple online payment system!

Its easy for them, saves loads of hassle for you, and makes organising an event rewarding rather than a hassle! Don’t forget, depending on group numbers you could race for free – ask us for details!

We can also offer flexibility over minimum numbers for events (now as low as 6 people!), reducing the risk for organisers traditionally assciated with organising events!

So please – get in touch!!!