COVID19 – Latest Update 18/1/21

Our Edinburgh and Falkirk centres are both now closed to comply with the Coronavirus Level 4 protection levels in place throughout mainland Scotland. 

All bookings from 26/12 to the 18/1 were cancelled and refunded in full. Any bookings from 18/1 through to a confirmed date we are able to reopen will also have to be cancelled, we will be contact affected bookings on our return and offer either a refund or the option to reschedule. 

We will look forward to welcoming you back to Xtreme Karting, focused on delivering a fun, thrilling experience in a COVID-19 secure environment. 

At present we have not opened up our online booking system, we will wait until an opening date is confirmed before we start taking further bookings.

Our no quibble COVID19 Booking Guarantee: Given the uncertainty surrounding bookings with the impact of COVID 19, we are happy to confirm that all prebooked sessions can be rescheduled or refunded up to 24 hours in advance of the booking, after this point sessions can still be rescheduled up to 4 hours before the session time.

UPDATE on Travel Restrictions: Please visit to check for your post code area and the up to date rules in place, unfortunately we are unable to give individual advice, we would ask that customers take individual responsibility and follow the rules in place regarding travel restrictions etc, for everyones safety.

For clarity our Edinburgh centre is within Edinburgh City Council area, and our Larbert centre within Falkirk Council area.

At present, with some tiers different across Scotland, we would also like to advise that as we are classified as a sports centre, under 18 year olds are legally allowed to travel from a tier 2 or tier 3 area to either of our centres to race at Xtreme Karting. Organised activities and Sport are considered a reasonable excuse for travel, and this includes allowance for parents etc who are responsible for taking them, please ensure you follow the guidance on safe transport (See Coronavirus (COVID-19): guidance on travel and transport – (

Helmet / Suit Sanitising: We would also like to update everyone on how we are sanitising helmets / race suits as this has remained a frequent question from visitors. Prior to reopening both centres invested in new state of the art OZOCAB sanitising cabinets, these allow both helmets and race suits to be sanitised with a constantly monitored dose of Ozone (proven to eradicate the COVID19 virus). We have also invested in over 300 new helmets, allowing each customer to be allocated a sanitised helmet and race suit on arrival, that is only used by that customer for the duration of the visit, and then returned when leaving allowing the equipment to be sanitised again.

Every customer is also issued with a “Hygiene Pack” that includes a balaclava (can be used as a face covering in centre) and gloves – the cost of the Hygiene Pack is included in the session price!

Karting (currently closed):

We are able to offer Race Experience Sessions suitable for juniors (ages 10-16) and Adults (ages 14+) at both our Edinburgh and Falkirk centres, providing a fun and thrilling experience in a COVID secure environment for smaller groups of racers (with the option of adding medal sets), and we still can offer race school for budding drivers aged 8-9.

Adult Race Events / Junior Karting Parties: We have been advised that as we are classed as a sports activity we are exempt from the current guidelines on group sizes / household and can continue to offer karting events, however we believe it is the responsible way forward at present, given the confusion over group events (numbers / households) and concerns over potential local lockdowns etc to halt any further bookings for group indoor karting group events until the Scottish Government advice on maximum group sizes / households etc is relaxed.

Combat (currently closed):

Junior Combat Parties: We have altered the format of these parties to allow under 12’s (ages 6-11) to play in our Special Forces Party Events, as this is an outdoor activity no social distancing is required and they can still have lots of fun, whilst complying with the latest COVID precautions and rules!

Open Combat Events: We are still offering our Special Forces Open Combat events, suitable for family groups (ages 6+ / adults) to experience the fun and thrill of laser tag combat in our outdoor urban themed arena.

Game Over Escape Rooms (currently closed):

Experience the thrill of our immersive “Game Over” escape rooms, can you retrieve “The Philosopher’s Stone” in our Harry Potter inspired challenge, or rescue the “Top Secret” documents from the vault, or survive and escape our zombie apocalypse in “The Walking Death”. Challenging, and fun for groups of up to 6 players (max 2 households).

Our key Covid19 policies and procedures can be found on our website here –

Gift vouchers have all been extended by 18 months from the purchase date, so there are no concerns over gift voucher validity!

Please get in touch if there is anything further you need in the meantime.

Most importantly, please continue to take care in this difficult time.


The Xtreme Team!

Festive Holiday Fun!

Race Experience Sessions available to book online for over the Festive Holidays!

Adult, Junior and Family race sessions – holiday fun with lots of banter guaranteed!

We have new procedures in place to ensure we are COVID19 secure, yet still be focused on delivering thrills, fun and a 5 star experience!

Given the uncertainty surrounding bookings with the impact of COVID 19, we are happy to confirm that all prebooked sessions can be rescheduled or refunded up to 24 hours in advance of the booking, after this point the event can be rescheduled as long as we have a minimum of 4 hours notice.

Fun, thrills and banter, with friends or family! Book your karting session, or escape adventure online!

Xtreme Karting / Game Over Festive Opening Hours:

Wed 23/12 through to 6pm Thurs 24/12:

  • Xtreme Karting / Gameover Falkirk Midday to 10.00pm
  • Xtreme Karting / Gameover Edinburgh Midday to 10.00pm

Fri 25/12 Closed! Merry Christmas!

Sat 26/12 Boxing Day 0nwards – As Scotland enters Tier 4 restrictions we will be closed until further notice

Xtreme Karting Membership Update

Xtreme Karting will unfortunately have to cancel our successful membership system that was in place up to March 2020.

With the precautions necessary to meet our COVID19 risk assessment, all participants must prebook and our online booking system does not facilitate “member discounts”. This situation is obviously not what we would have desired, and we are trying to find new ways of working subject to the precautions we now have to put in place.

We will now be offering a “FastPass membership” free of charge to all participants that do book online, this will offer a number of benefits including:

  • Valid for 3 months from date of first race session (then new FastPass membership will be issued on next visit)
  • Faster access to the track – only view briefing video every 3 months
  • Access to exclusive discount offers via email (if subscribed)
  • FastPass membership is valid individually at our Edinburgh and Falkirk centres
  • FastPass membership will be assigned to your race profile, member must sign in to race profile to access
  • For existing Junior Members we will also offer a “Junior Race Pass” – this will be available only to Juniors who have completed the Race School and will continue to allow juniors to race in senior sessions. You should book Senior sessions online as normal, access to these senior sessions will only be allowed to Juniors (ages 8-13) who have a Junior Race Pass.

We fully appreciate that this will be a disappointment to some members, and we are working in the background to see if there is a way to reintroduce an effective membership system again that offers similar benefits, however this will not be a quick fix.

If you had a membership with Xtreme Karting we intend to offer a credit based on the number of months you had left on your membership when the centre closed in March 2020 and add on an extra 50% as a goodwill gesture!

Example: Customer has 5 months left on membership as of 1/3/20, and paid £29.50 for the membership. We will offer a credit of 5/12 x £29.50 = £12.50 and add an extra 50% £6.25 = £18.75 credit.

How do you claim your credit?

  • If you haven’t already booked online, we will need you to book a session online first and create an online booking profile (for Juniors this can be the parents profile).
  • Once your details are in in the system, please email with the title “Membership Credit”. Please detail the member name, date of birth and post code.
  • We will then apply a credit to your online booking system profile, that can be applied to your next booking!

Membership Loyalty Points?

Membership loyalty points accumulated previously can be used to add on additional sessions to any bookings made (subject to availability on the day). Please note we cannot credit sessions or book you in using points only.

All member loyalty points must be used by 31/12/20, at this point any unused points will be forfeited.

NEW FastPass Membership

NEW – FastPass Membership at Xtreme Karting (Suitable for ages 10+)

Free FastPass membership now available to every driver who races at Xtreme Karting

What do you get with our new, FREE, FastPass membership at Xtreme Karting?

  • Valid for 3 months from date of first race session (then new FastPass membership will be issued on next visit)
  • Faster access to the track – only view briefing video every 3 months
  • Access to exclusive discount offers via email (if subscribed)
  • FastPass membership is valid individually at our Edinburgh and Falkirk centres 
  • FastPass membership will be assigned to your race profile, member must sign in to race profile to access


We are good to go!

With the announcement that we can reopen, we have finalised preparations to ensure we are “Good to Go”!

Given the uncertainty surrounding bookings with the impact of COVID 19, we are happy to confirm that all prebooked sessions can be rescheduled or refunded up to 24 hours in advance of the booking, after this point the event can be rescheduled as long as we have a minimum of 2 hours notice.

We have now completed a full COVID19 Risk Assessment and committed to:

  • Online or prebooked events only, allowing visitor numbers / social distancing to be safely managed
  • Online registration of participants/lead contacts prior to visit (enabling contact tracing to work effectively and minimise contact within the centres)
  • Face masks must be worn by all customers at all times in the centres to minimise risk.
  • Face masks to be worn by all customers on the Combat Arena at Edinburgh
  • Temperature checks carried out on both staff and visitors/participants prior to commencement of shifts / activity using a temperature face scanner
  • Single use sanitised race suits and helmets provided for each karting customer – these are sanitised after each used using a professional ozone machine that monitors ozone levels, a significant investment and proven to eliminate Covid virus from clothing / helmets
  • Single use hygiene packs issued (gloves and balaclavas) to every karting customer minimising risk and improving hygiene
  • Sanitiser stations provided
  • Enhanced ventilation throughout “customer areas”
  • “One way” or “priority” systems to ensure social distancing
  • Minimal contact within the centre between groups and staff (screens, social distancing, dedicated areas etc)
  • New procedures for managing flow of people through centre, including allocated tables
  • Contactless payments only
  • Cleaning regimes enhanced
  • Minimal waiting before / after session

Our new guidelines that will be issued with every booking can be accessed here.

We are looking forward to welcoming you all back!



Following the announcement from the Prime Minister for the general public to avoid non-essential travel and social contact with others, we have temporarily closed both Falkirk and Edinburgh centres until further notice.

At present there is obviously a lot of concern and disruption associated with the Corona Virus, and this is severely impacting on all aspects of life at present.

We immediately closed on Monday 16th March in support of government guidance to minimise social contact etc, we believe this was the responsible approach to take given the worldwide pandemic and its potential impact / risk to life. Obviously this was a very difficult decision to make given the impact on customers, staff and the business in general, however we have been extremely grateful for the support received so far from our customers and staff.

We are receiving a number of enquiries regarding bookings over the coming weeks. At present, under very difficult circumstances, we are reviewing bookings following the announcement of a lock down, if you event is within the lockdown period then we will contact you to discuss rearranging, if beyond the lockdown period then we would hope to go ahead with your event but obviously only if it is safe to do so.

Due to the circumstances if you have an event booked with us we can offer you the opportunity to reschedule to a future date, and we are happy to issue a full credit note. There is no timescale on this credit note, as we are trying to be as flexible as possible given the circumstances faced. If you wish to reschedule please email us and we can arrange this for you. Unfortunately we are unable to offer a refund on any bookings.

Gift vouchers will also be extended automatically.

Our terms and conditions for event bookings can be found on our website here – , please get in touch (please email if you need to contact us.) if there is anything further you need in the meantime!

We will reply as soon as we can, however as we are closed at present it may not be as quickly as normal – please bear with us.

Keep safe, we wish you and your families the best of health 🏎❤️


The Xtreme Team!


General Statement regarding the Corona Virus 12/3

At Xtreme Karting, we have continuously strived over the past 15 years to ensure that customer safety and enjoyment is at the forefront of everything that we do.

The coronavirus (“COVID-19”) is obviously causing concern worldwide, with regular updates and guidance around prevention and treatment being issued.

We are monitoring the situation closely and listening to official advice from the NHS, both the Scottish and UK Governments and our governing body the NKA.

All of our private and public events will continue to run as normal and as planned.

During this period of concern we are taking additional steps to protect our guests and racers during their visit to our venue, this is based on advice issued and will now include all customers being issued with their own personal gloves and balaclavas free of charge to help minimise risk.

We are also undertaking deep clean of our venue concentrating on surfaces, handles etc multiple times a day, and making hand sanitiser and hand soap available to ensure customer hygiene is paramount. We also have an anti-bacterial spray available to spray helmets between uses.

Guidance and advice can be found at the following website:

If you are experiencing symptoms, we ask that you please do not visit Xtreme Karting and follow the advice and guidance provided to you by healthcare professionals.

We have also taken the decision to update our terms and conditions of booking, to reflect the difficult circumstances at present and allow for more flexibility for customers when cancelling or reorganising events. Circumstances may dictate this is the best decision for the group or allow individuals who cannot make the event ensure they do not lose out due to illness. See Karting Terms and Conditions Of Booking for updated conditions.

As ever, we will continue to monitor the advice issued, and act in the best interests of both customers and staff at all times.

Thanks for your support, as ever our customers and staff have been amazing during this difficult time!

Barrie and the team at Xtreme Karting

NEW – Senior Membership at Xtreme Karting (Suitable for ages 14+)

Special Offer: “On the day upgrade”… Only £10 for a full 1 year membership after you purchase “4 x 10 min Sessions” or “Unlimited Night Session”!

What do you get with a membership at Xtreme Karting?
• Mon – Fri Member Offer : 4 x 10 min sessions ONLY £20
• 20% discount on standard Practice Session prices at all times (excludes 4×10 member offer).
• Loyalty Points – gain 10 loyalty points per 10 min session you race in, reach 100 loyalty points and claim your FREE 10 min session!
• Faster access to the track – only view briefing video every 6 months!
• “Hot laps” – Fastest lap of the month gets 200 points with runners up getting 100 points.
• FREE 2×10 minute karting sessions to be claimed up to 1 week either side of your birthday
• Organise / Book a race event and you RACE FOR FREE plus get extra track time on Race Events held Mon-Fri when you organise / book! (Race for free applies for events with 16+ drivers only)

Visit our “Member” page for more details!