Xtreme Karting Membership Update

Xtreme Karting will unfortunately have to cancel our successful membership system that was in place up to March 2020.

With the precautions necessary to meet our COVID19 risk assessment, all participants must prebook and our online booking system does not facilitate “member discounts”. This situation is obviously not what we would have desired, and we are trying to find new ways of working subject to the precautions we now have to put in place.

We will now be offering a “FastPass membership” free of charge to all participants that do book online, this will offer a number of benefits including:

  • Valid for 3 months from date of first race session (then new FastPass membership will be issued on next visit)
  • Faster access to the track – only view briefing video every 3 months
  • Access to exclusive discount offers via email (if subscribed)
  • FastPass membership is valid individually at our Edinburgh and Falkirk centres
  • FastPass membership will be assigned to your race profile, member must sign in to race profile to access
  • For existing Junior Members we will also offer a “Junior Race Pass” – this will be available only to Juniors who have completed the Race School and will continue to allow juniors to race in senior sessions. You should book Senior sessions online as normal, access to these senior sessions will only be allowed to Juniors (ages 8-13) who have a Junior Race Pass.

We fully appreciate that this will be a disappointment to some members, and we are working in the background to see if there is a way to reintroduce an effective membership system again that offers similar benefits, however this will not be a quick fix.

If you had a membership with Xtreme Karting we intend to offer a credit based on the number of months you had left on your membership when the centre closed in March 2020 and add on an extra 50% as a goodwill gesture!

Example: Customer has 5 months left on membership as of 1/3/20, and paid £29.50 for the membership. We will offer a credit of 5/12 x £29.50 = £12.50 and add an extra 50% £6.25 = £18.75 credit.

How do you claim your credit?

  • If you haven’t already booked online, we will need you to book a session online first and create an online booking profile (for Juniors this can be the parents profile).
  • Once your details are in in the system, please email info@xtremekarting.co.uk with the title “Membership Credit”. Please detail the member name, date of birth and post code.
  • We will then apply a credit to your online booking system profile, that can be applied to your next booking!

Membership Loyalty Points?

Membership loyalty points accumulated previously can be used to add on additional sessions to any bookings made (subject to availability on the day). Please note we cannot credit sessions or book you in using points only.

All member loyalty points must be used by 31/12/20, at this point any unused points will be forfeited.