Combat Terms and Conditions Of Booking



1.1.1 All Events require pre-booking, and are subject to availability.

1.1.2 A minimum deposit of 50% of the event cost is required within 7 days of the provisional booking otherwise the date will be released (depending on lead time).

1.1.3 Deposit payments are non-transferable and non-refundable.

1.1.4 Your deposit can be paid On-Line or by cash.

1.1.5 Alternatively a telephone payment by most major credit or debit cards will be welcome. A charge of 3% will be added to any payments made by AMEX due to the increased charges paid in accepting this card. Payment by other credit cards, debit cards or cheques will not incur any surcharge.

1.1.6 If paying by credit or debit card over the telephone the card must be registered to a participant who will be present on the day of the event. The card should be brought by the cardholder as the details will be checked before the event commences as a fraud prevention measure.


1.2.1 If any catering has been ordered, payment must be received in full when the event booking is secured by deposit.

1.2.2 If ordering catering after deposits have been paid, this should be received with payment at least 3 working days in advance of your event date.

1.2.3 Please note that we cannot place any catering orders until it has been paid in full.

1.2.4 For Food Hygiene / Health and Safety reasons it is not permitted for clients to bring their own food or drink onto the premises.


1.3.1 Prior to the event commencing the balance payment, as detailed on the confirmation, must be paid in full.

1.3.2 The minimum billing as detailed on the confirmation will be due even if fewer players turn up, take part or retire for whatever reason.

1.3.3 Unless otherwise agreed, where full payment is not received at this time, Xtreme Karting reserve the right to cancel the event without refund of any deposits paid.

1.3.4 The final payment for your event can be paid by cash or credit card (see 1.1.5) in advance of, or on the Event day. If you wish to pay this by cheque (including business cheques), this must be received by us at least 14 Days prior to the Event.


1.4.1 If an event is cancelled more than 14 days prior to an event then the deposit paid will be forfeited.

1.4.2 If the event is cancelled within 14 days of the date of the event, full payment, based on the minimum numbers detailed in your Confirmation of Event will be due.



2.1.1 Gift Vouchers can be purchased on our Online Shop, in the Xtreme Karting Centre, or over the phone.

2.1.2 All Vouchers must be paid in full at Point of Sale by cash or credit / debit card only.

2.1.3 A charge of 3% will be added to any payments made by AMEX only (see 1.1.5).

2.1.4 When purchasing your Vouchers online, you can request an E-Voucher (these are emailed to you, usually within 12 hours) at no extra charge.

2.1.5 Postal Vouchers incur P&P charge of £2.50 to cover postage and packaging.

2.1.6 All Vouchers are Non-refundable.


2.2.1 Gift Vouchers for Combat Events are Non-Transferable between Junior, Senior, Event Types and other products

2.2.2 Cash Vouchers only, can be redeemed against Combat Events Only and not Karting Sessions.

2.2.3 Vouchers cannot be exchanged for Cash.

2.2.4 Xtreme Karting do not accept Liability for Lost or Stolen Vouchers.

2.2.5 All Vouchers are valid for 6 months from the Date of Issue.

2.2.6 The Issue Date is usually the Purchase Date, except for Christmas Vouchers which will specify an Issue date of 25 December YYYY.

2.2.7 Vouchers may need to be pre-booked, please call centre for more details. A Valid Voucher Code must be quoted at the time of booking (subject to availability).

2.2.8 All Vouchers must presented on the Event Day to verify Validity.


For the enjoyment and safety of all drivers, you are advised of the following extracts from our “Rules of the Arena”. If you have any doubts about the following, please contact us directly for further information.


The Management or Race Director may refuse permission for any player to compete on the grounds of safety to others and/or themselves without refund of any money paid. Please make all players in your group fully aware of the following extracts from our “Rules of the Combat Arena”.

Players must be a minimum of 8 years of age to participate in Combat Missions. Ages 8-15 years old MUST be accompanied by an Adult over 18 years old

Age ranges may be split at Xtreme Combat discrestion to ensure safety for all participants.

Players who have concerns about physical abilities are welcome to visit the Arena before booking.

Young Players must be at least 4 ft 2in tall, and able to operate the Laser Tag Guns satisfactorily. If your child looks younger please bring id (eg passport / birth certificate).

Players must wear flat-soled shoes (eg training shoes). High heels, sandals, open toed shoes, platform soles and work boots are not permitted. We supply Hats, however please dress to suit the weather.

All Players must attend the safety briefing. Late arrivals will not be permitted to play and no refund will be issued.

Combat is not suitable for anyone with heart or breathing difficulties, back or neck problems, pregnant women or people with a nervous disposition.

Alcohol or drugs must not, under any circumstances, be consumed before or during the event. Persons suspected to be under the influence of drink or drugs will not be permitted to play and no refund issued.

Any persons by way of unreasonable conduct either on or off the Arena will be asked to leave the premises without refund of any monies paid.


4.1.1 Booking with Xtreme Combat acknowledges acceptance of these terms and conditions.