Safety Information


Both of Xtreme Karting circuits in Edinburgh and Falkirk have been designed from the start to ensure the safety of customers and staff is paramount.

We are regulary inspected by the local authorities in which we operate, and our insurance company and have an impeccable safety record!

Our circuit was designed to meet the strictest guidelines set for karting centres.

Circuit Design

The track layout has been designed to ensure an exciting but safe racing environment for all participants, with:

  • A 6 m wide track (minimum) to ensure there are plenty of safe overtaking spots (the National Karting Association standard is 5m)
  • Track safety barriers providing recognised crash protection.
  • The track area is completely open, with no structural pillars creating safety hazards which restrict vision and create a impact risk.
  • Recognised marshal points allowing trained marshals quick access to the track area and emergency equipment.
  • Approved ventilation system ensuring drivers are not exposed to fumes from the karts.
  • Hazard warning lights on the circuit to alert drivers to risks or to stop completely

Kart Design

The Rimo karts used at Xtreme Karting set new standards in safety, with professional maintenance schedules and daily safety checks to ensure the standards are always maintained.

All karts (both the EVO 5 and Cadet Mini) feature a unique double-tube protection system, which due to its “floating design” offers the ideal protection of the occupant from collision forces in all directions. In addition a head restraint is incorporated into the mini karts designed to prevent neck injury in the event of an impact (the only junior karts in Scotland to feature this added protection). All karts are fitted with a HJS racing exhaust system incorporating a catalytic converter which reduces harmful hydrocarbon emissions and a rear axle cover protecting against contact with rotating parts and the hot exhaust.

The EVO 5 is the only kart in the world to meet Germany’s tough TUV Product safety certification, with driver safety inherent in its design.

Personal Safety and Equipment

Before karting, each driver undertakes a NKA approved briefing which details all the safety procedures, operation of the karts and racing rules. Before leaving the pit lane every driver is tested on kart control to ensure they can safely control the karts before entering the circuit.

Special instruction is given to under 16’s to ensure they understand the operation of the karts and the safety procedures.

Full personal safety equipment is supplied to every driver, including approved helmets, gloves and race suits (various sizes available to ensure comfortable fit).

A trained first aider is always available within the centre.