FAQ – Karting

Xtreme Karting operates Indoor Go Karting centres in Falkirk and Edinburgh, designed specifically to provide drivers (from age 8 upwards) with a genuine motorsport experience.

I’ve never been karting before?

Don’t worry, our events are perfect for both novices as well as experienced racers! We provide a full safety and instruction briefing before racing, ensuring you are comfortable when taking to the track! Before any race event, participants will get a practice on track, and we are always available to help!

Whether you have raced before or not, we will aim to ensure you have a great time!

Who can race?

Pretty much anyone who is old enough (we have a minimum age for insurance reasons) and doesn’t have any obvious medical or health issues that would prevent them from karting (eg pregnant, back injury etc).

You don’t need a driving licence, although you should be physically fit enough to obtain one, just a passion for fun!

How old do I need to be?

For exclusive GP / Endurance Style Race Events you need to be aged 14+ to participate (Open Events are min age 16).

For the Junior Arrive and Drive / Practice Sessions you need to be aged 10 – 16 years old (Juniors from age 8 can participate if they complete the Junior Race School beforehand, all juniors must be 4 ft 2 in tall). If the child does look young then we recommend bringing id. NB Drivers under the age of 16 must have a parent / guardian age 16+ present at all times.

For the Senior Arrive and Drive / Practice Sessions you need to be aged 14+ (Drivers aged 14-16 have the option of either racing as Junior or Senior drivers to allow flexibility for family groups etc).

Please note that we would recommend anyone above 18 stone in weight, or if concerned about fitting in the kart or operating the controls visits the centre to check they can fit into the kart comfortably/operate effectively before booking.

Is it Safe?

Xtreme Karting is inspected by the local authorities and by the National Karting Association annually, we are very proud of our safety performance however it should be noted that karting can be a dangerous activity despite all our precautions.

Safety is inherently designed into Xtreme Karting as per NKA guidelines:

Before getting into the karts, every driver has a full NKA safety briefing which details the safety procedures on the track, the operation of the karts and an explanation of the event format.

The karts are designed to meet the tough TUV safety criteria set in Germany, with a unique double-tube protection system.

The karts are expertly maintained, this includes daily safety checks to ensure their reliability and safety before use.

The circuit areas are designed with a powerful ventilation/extraction system, which along with catalytic convertors fitted to the kart minimise exposure to kart exhaust fumes. Regular checks are carried out to ensure the atmosphere within the centre is safe and within legal limits for CO exposure.

The track barriers meet strict guidelines

Our track marshals are professional and fully trained in safety procedures

Our race director ensures the racing rules are enforced

Whilst any form of motorsport is dangerous, we minimise the risk by paying close attention to safety in our facility.

How do I book?

Our Race events and Race Experience sessions are all booked online through our online booking portal!

How much does it cost?

The cost of indoor karting varies depending on the type of event, the number of drivers, the age of the drivers and the time of the event.

For more information please refer to the section on Karting or Race events.

How many drivers do I need?

For race events we normally recommend a minimum of 8 drivers in Edinburgh or 6 in Falkirk, we have successfully catered for events with up to 70 drivers, using either GP or Team Enduro formats – for more details please contact us!

We can also offer options for groups with lower numbers – please contact us for details!

What should I wear?

You should wear comfortable clothing when you come to race – all drivers are issued with a race suit at the start of the event to protect their clothing as well as gloves and a helmet. Training shoes are recommended footwear (open toed shoes/sandals or heels are not permitted). Long hair must be tied up and worn under your clothing.

How many drivers can race on the track at one time?

To ensure maximum enjoyment when racing we would normally run a max of 12 karts on track at our Edinburgh centre, or 9 at our Falkirk centre at any one time.

Can I have exclusive use of the facility for a corporate or private function?

Yes – the track and facility can be reserved for exclusive bookings, please contact us for further details.

I still have questions?

Please contact us, I assure you we are here to help!!!